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The Book Of All Hours
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Friday, November 30th, 2007
11:27 pm
What's next?
Hello, this is my first post to this community.

So I actually got both Vellum and Ink a few months ago. I was lucky enough to have only discovered the series after both books were published. I've read them both quite a few times since then because, well obviously they're great books that require more than just one reading.

Random question: Who's your favorite? I know it's hard to really answer that in a way because each character is different in each fold of the vellum but the essence of them is the same. Me...call me crazy but my favorite is Joey - specifically Kentingern Joey.

Random musing of mine: It occurred to me after seeing an ad for 'High School Musical' (haven't actually seen any of those movies) that ever since then I've pictured Puck highly resembling Zac Efron :S I did say it was random. The image in my head did make for a strange experience though when I saw 'Hairspray'.

Oh yeah and who has actually solved that puzzle on the Pan MacMillan 'Book of All Hours' site?
Monday, February 5th, 2007
10:33 am
The Sequel has Landed!
At long last, "Ink", the sequel to "Vellum" and the conclusion to The Book of All Hours is available!

Set 20 years after the events of "Vellum", Phreedom, Seamus, Jack and Metatron are back to fight for the unravelling threads of reality itself.

"Ink" can be purchased from Amazon, as well as all good booksellers everywhere, I'm sure.

Also, don't forget the official website or the online blog of author Hal Duncan.
Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
9:41 pm
A game of Jacks
While many of the characters seems to have multiple identities or "incarnations" (Thomas, Tammuz, Dumusi etc). the one that confuses me the most is Jack Carter. There seem to be more Jacks than anyone else, and they don't all seem to fit together into the same person like the other characters "alternates" do.
There's the "Bad Jack", the Covenant unkin graved by Metatron as his personal dog-of-war, and I think he's the Jack that the book-carrying narrator knew in his world, but what about the "Jack Flash" who is trying to bring down the "Empire" in the latter sections of the book? Or the beachcomber Jack in Endhaven?
Admittedly, he does seem to undergo some kind of alteration after Eresh's ink mixes with Metatrons bitmites and creates the Evenfall.
Phreedom was going to call her son Jack, but she had an abortion. Seamus/Prometheus prophesied that her son would bring down the Covenant, but he's already dead, isn't he? It would almost make sense if Jack Flash was her Jack, and his terrorist attacks against his "Empire" were but a precursor, training almost, for his eventual battle against the Covenant.
Time in the vellum isn't that simple, after all.

For no real reason I can identify, I also believe that the Endhaven Jack is the post-Evenfall Metatron's Jack. His master's reprogramming blasted out of him by the rogue bitmites or something else, whatever, and with it gone he remembers something he used to feel once before, before he was commanded by God's Scribe.
He remembers a boy so beutiful he was almost elfin, and how much he loved him. And he finds the boy again, only it's not the exact same boy, but another vellum-version of him, and this time, he decides he doesn't want to fight anyone's war or be anyone's sslave, he just wants to live on the beach with the boy he loves.

Is the Rang-and-Bone Man an alternate Metatron? Or an alternate Eresh, perhaps?

And don't even get me started on the Jack that received the documents about Kur, or his namesake grandfather. I have *no* idea which Jack he's meant to be, or if he even is one of the pre-existing Jacks at all.

Current Mood: confused
9:26 pm
Can't go in the out door
I've noticed that the version of "reality" that the majority of the characters start the book in (Phreedom, Finnan, and the narrator who finds the actual Book of All hours) seems to be the only one which has some kind of boundary or border between it and the vellum.
They keep talking about searching for a way out into the vellum, that theu can't just cross over whenever they want to or by simply physically travelling in any given direction.
And yet, when they all finally *do* make it out into the vellum, they have no such difficulties moving in and out of the other different "worlds". In fact, simply by physically moving, they seem to drift right through all the other versions of reality.
I wonder why this is, why the other worlds lack that barrier. Or perhaps once someone breaks through it once, they can then pass through *other* barriers wthout resistance.
The snag with that theory is when the narrator (the book-carrier) picks up his friend the Alternate-Jack who travels with him. How does *he* pass through the border/barrier of *his* world into the vellum?

So, ultimately, the queston is what is so different about that specific reality that it has a barrier and the other worlds don't? And if they don't, what stops their inhabitant from wandering off into the vellum themselves?
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